Noise Exposure

Hearing loss can be a direct effect of many occupations, recreational activities and general exposure to loud environmental sounds.The first step in protecting your hearing is education and understanding which sounds may be detrimental to you hearing.The following information should be used as a guide to help you determine hazardous noise levels.

 ActivityNoise Level
 Most Firearms
150 dB
 Jet Engine at Takeoff
140 dB
 Jackhammer 130 dB
 Ambulance Siren, Amplified Rock Band
120 dB
 Sandblasting 115 dB
 Woodworking, Motorcycle
110 dB
 Pneumatic Drill, Chainsaw
100 dB
 Lawn Mower, Shop Tools
90 dB
 City Traffic, Loud Music
80 dB
 Kitchen Appliances
75 dB
 Noisy and Crowded Restaurants
70 dB
 Conversational Speech
50-55 dB

Permanent hearing loss can occur in as little as 15 minutes with exposure to certain sounds and almost instantly with unprotected exposure to sounds generated from firearms and certain power tools.If your hearing is susceptible to any sounds about 90 dB, you need to take immediate steps to protect your hearing from permanent damage.

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